Open access policy


1.Editorials and Commentaries (1000-2000 words with 5-15 references);4-6 in each issue.

2.Cardiovascular and Nutrition News.100-500 words on any area of nutrition.

3.Clinical Reviews.2-3 each issue;3000-10,000 words (30-100 references),10% references,> 2 years old for all the components of IJCN.

4.Contributions from Future Cardiologists and Nutritionists (2-3 each issue); Experiences of the residents and PhD scholars, related to nutrition, ;2-3 pages with 5 references.

5.Original Research Articles.3-5 articles each issue with 5-10 pages with references, not more than 50.

6.Brief Reports: Papers on cases, case reports with less scientific but acceptable methods.2 pages, <10 references.

7.World Medical Forum/World Nutrition Forum: Letters to the editor on articles published in any indexed journal of the world and any interesting brief report not exceeding one page. Criticism of the policy makers of each country especially western world because the whole world follows the west. – one page,5 references.

6.International College of Nutrition   Highlights: News from the members.

7.Pharma and Food Health Forum: Injustice done with Food companies and Pharma companies doing unethical practices would be highlighted by impartial experts, preferably from experts of pharmaceutical and instrument manufacturing companies to give them voice for benefit of the people’s health.

8.Calendar of Conferences.