Goals and tasks

Sections and Editor:

Section Editor 1, Functional Foods. Dr Shaw Watanabe (Japan)

Section Editor 2, Herbology. Dr Dr HS Buttar (Canada)

Section Editor 3, Natural Health Products. Dr Hseam Shahrajabian (Iran), hesamshahrajabian@gmail.com

Section 4. Molecular Medicine, eg Stem Cells, Dr Selcuk Ozturk (Turkey)

Section 5. Cardiovascular diseases, Dr Jan Fedacko,MD (Slovakia)

Section 6. Cheropractic Medicine, Dr Adrian Isaza, MD, (USA)

section 7, Metabolic diseases and diabetes. Dr Jaipaul Singh (UK)

Section 8. Functional foods. Dr Gal Dubnov (Israel)

section 9. Environmental factors. Dr Toru Takahashi (Japan)

Section 10. Psychology and behavior. Dr Agnieszka Wilczynska,PhD (Poland)

Section 11. Wild Foods and health. Dr Fabien De Meester,PhD, (Belgium)

section 12. Cell Therapy. Dr Belma Turan, PhD (Turkey)

Section 13. Yoga and Meditation. Dr  Narsingh Verma, MD,FRCP (India)

section 14. Modern Concepts in Ayuveda. Dr Anuj Maheshwari, MD,FRCP (India)

Section 15. Economics of food and health. Dr Aminat Magamedova (Digestan)

Section 16. Acupuncture. Jaipaul Singh (UK)

Section 17. Nutraceuticals. Dr NR Hadi (Iraq), Dr Raimar Loebenberg (Canada)

Section 18. Behavior Risk factors. Dr Kiarash Moshiri (Canada).

section 19. Exercise Therapy.Dr Ravi Kant, MD,PhD (India)

Section 20. Chronotherapy. Dr Germaine Cornelissen, PhD (USA)

Section 21. Circadian Restricted feeding. Dr Sergey Chibisov, MD, PhD (Russia)

Section 22. Behavior Therapy, Dr Richa Rai (India)

Section 23. Music Therapy.

Section 24. Epidemiology. Lanzmann Dominique(France).

Section 25. Reiki

Section 26. Chromedicine, Dr Sergey Chibisov (Russia).

section 27. Naturopathy.

Section 28. Reflexology.

Section 29. Folk Medicine. Dr DW Wilson (UK)

Section 30. Protective Therapies. Dr R B Singh, MD (Poland)

Section 31. Teas and Syrups. Dr Lekh Juneja, PhD, (Japan)

Section 32. Mind Body Medicine. Dr Osama Elmarghi (Kwait)

Section 33. Children and Adolescents.  Dr Rie Horuichi, PhD, (Japan)

Section 34. Functional MRI and PET Screening.

Section 35. Speckle Tracking Echocardiography. Dr Galal Elkilany, MD,PhD (USA)

Section 36. Chronic heart Failure. Dr Krasimira Hristova,MD,PhD (Bulgaria)